Toilet Delivery and Installation

This contractor had stopped at a street corner near my apartment complex to ask for directions when I snapped the photo.

I really like how low the carbon footprint is for him. I mean, everything on an electric bicycle. In the US, this would be “big truck” work.

The Toilet Keeper

I’ve not seen the toilet keeper the last couple of days. He is the custodian of these four public toilet stalls, located adjoining a public park near the apartment complex. I think he might also perform other caretaker duties for the park as well. He is younger than I am,  and is about my size (that is to say, not thin). During the summer months he often has his shirt off, which is not uncommon in these parts. He is a likable man, and seems to have good relations with those who frequent the park. He’s smiled warmly at me the times that I’ve passed.

When he is not taking care of these tasks, he spends most of his time in the center area — about the size of two telephone booths — between the toilets. He has a small television set in there (I think it is a black and white model), a chair, and, if memory servers me correctly, a warmer on which to make food. It is cramped, but also seems quite cozy.

I don’t remember seeing the door locked before.

I’ve not seen the toilet keeper the last couple of days. I hope that he is okay.

Update… he’s fine. 🙂