Chong Chong at Five Months

Doing his Sun Wukong impression (with Lao Lao holding him).


Four Generations +

Had a great lunch today, with traditional and non-traditional Beijing food. We had four generations at the table, along with an uncle.

From left to right:

  • mama
  • yue sao
  • chong chong
  • laolao
  • laozu
  • shushu de nvpengyou
  • shushu

With baba behind the camera. ūüôā



From Laolao to Laozu

Chong Chong’s first official visit after exiting his month of household quarantine, was over to Laolao’s house. Once there, Laolao gave him a gold pendant with the image of a snake on it.

With the¬†birth of¬†Chong Chong, Laolao has become Laozu. We’re¬†slowly making the transition, as we are from Ma to Laolao and Ba¬†to Laoye.


  • Ma, mother
  • Ba, father
  • Laolao, maternal grandmother
  • Laoye, maternal grandfather
  • Laozu, maternal great-grandmother
  • Gold, symbol of good luck
  • Snake, Chong Chong’s birth year

Grandparents and Child

The grandfather isn’t just holding the child. He has a, well, seatbelt on underneath his jacket. That is, a little seat that is attached¬†to his body via a belt. (I plan to get one of these.)

I really liked how instep the grandparents were, and how the grandmother was holding the grandfather’s arm as he carried the baby.

I also liked how they were well outside the crosswalk, and the background action.

Such is life in Beijing.

Seven Days of Chong Chong

Chong Chong is a week old today. Here are some photos (in roughly chronological order) from day -1 until now.

Shanshan checking into the emergency room.

Checking into the maternity ward.

With mom and dad.

Where Shanshan spent her first night in the hospital.

Where I spent the same night.

Chong Chong brought out for viewing whilst Shanshan’s c-section was being finished-up.

A more proper presentation.

In a nurse’s arms.

In his car seat on the way home.

In his crib.

Leo exploring.

Being breastfead.