blue skies

Tower and Refelction

Here’s one of the first pictures taken with my new Nikon Coolpix AW120. It is, without a doubt one of the ugliest cameras that I’ve ever used (the image on the link is the front of the camera, folks), but it does seem to do an extremely good job taking photos in and underwater. We’ll be testing the underwater part more thoroughly in a few days when we start work on our PADI SCUBA ceritification.


Building. Wires. Clouds. Sky.

And, just like that, the white clouds and blue skies are back here in the northern capital of the middle kingdom.

I took this picture around 3 pm, when the AQI was 57 (Moderate). You can see a screenshot of the AQI for the last 24 hours here.


Party World

Reflections of clouds and blue sky in the glass of our neighborhood Party World KTV.

I got lucky with the alignment of the clouds not in the reflection.

Oh, the AQI over the past 24 hours was Moderate. Right now, it is Good. Of course, this won’t be mentioned in Western media.

Building and Sky

Yeah, I know, two pictures mean the title should be pluralized, but I just didn’t want to deal with it.

I’m kinda angry. We’ve had a month or so of fantastic summer weather… probably the best I’ve seen in the almost ten years or so I’ve been traveling to and living in Beijing, and I’ve not seen one mention of it in Western media.

Obviously, it hasn’t just been me posting pictures. Probably tens of millions of people in and around the Beijing area have posted pictures or mentioned the weather in hundreds of millions (or even billions) of posts on various social media platforms… the very same platforms that Western journalists so readily mine when they’ve got a negative story about Beijing (or China in general).

Light Bulbs and Clouds

Taken today whilst walking around with my DMC-GX7. Such a versatile camera for being so lightweight and having such a small footprint.

The wonderful blue skies and white clouds continue here in Beijing. Although I’ve complained to the BBC about their bias, I remain doubtful about having any coverage of the gorgeous weather here in Western media.

I’ve been collecting pictures I’ve taken of these Beijing Skies at:


Unless I get a shot that I think is really cool (like the one above), I’m just putting my sky pictures in this folder.



Beijing Blue

Ah, yes, Beijing’s Blue Skies are back. Of course, if you’re not actually living in China, you probably think that we’re perpetually smog bound. So it goes.

I took these three pictures from the roof of Tower E in the apartment complex. They were done using the Panorama mode on my Lumix DMC-GX7, with the camera mounted on an Oben CT-3510 tripod. Limited development was done using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

The first panorama is the smallest of the three, but looks best in the reduced format, so I started this blog post with it.

I strongly recommend that you click-on the bottom two shots, and look around the larger versions on flickr… click on the image once to goto flickr, then click on it again to enlarge the size.  (Yeah, the bottom one contains a bit of a “selfie”… about as clear of one you’ll ever get of me.)