Tutu, Pointe Shoes, and Lights

From a window display inside the China World Mall, the first of many upscale malls which now can be found around Beijing.

Although this was just a quick snap with the back camera of my iPhone 6, I spent a lot of time developing it with Lightroom, including removing reflections from the display glass and those pesky wires holding the tutu in place. (If I knew how to use Photoshop, I might’ve also removed the pedestal.)


  1. terrific photo in black and white. i’d be curious to see it before you worked in lightroom to better understand the changes you made. by the way, i like the pedestal there…it strangely balances and throws things off in a wonderful way and makes me wonder, what is this…gives a slightly surreal quality to the photograph. it is a superb photo.

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