I took the two pictures that are blended together to compose this shot during the fifth rehearsal of Company B (see here) I attended.

Since I’d already had quite a lot of photographs from the previous rehearsals (including the dress rehearsal earlier in the day), I was more creative with the shots… looking at different lighting, reflections, and so forth.

I was lucky that the dancer maintained the same pose throughout, and even luckier that I was able to capture the ballerina in roughly the same pose as she moved around him.


  1. It’s never occurred to me to ask you – are you a professional photographer? And if not, why? These are amazing!

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    Assistant to Darren Blanton
    Colt Ventures

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    1. Thanks.

      Sadly, no. I’m an engineer at Oracle. I’ve been with Sun/Oracle for 18 years now.

      That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to make a living photographing and writing.

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