white clouds

Building. Wires. Clouds. Sky.

And, just like that, the white clouds and blue skies are back here in the northern capital of the middle kingdom.

I took this picture around 3 pm, when the AQI was 57 (Moderate). You can see a screenshot of the AQI for the last 24 hours here.


Party World

Reflections of clouds and blue sky in the glass of our neighborhood Party World KTV.

I got lucky with the alignment of the clouds not in the reflection.

Oh, the AQI over the past 24 hours was Moderate. Right now, it is Good. Of course, this won’t be mentioned in Western media.

Light Bulbs and Clouds

Taken today whilst walking around with my DMC-GX7. Such a versatile camera for being so lightweight and having such a small footprint.

The wonderful blue skies and white clouds continue here in Beijing. Although I’ve complained to the BBC about their bias, I remain doubtful about having any coverage of the gorgeous weather here in Western media.

I’ve been collecting pictures I’ve taken of these Beijing Skies at:


Unless I get a shot that I think is really cool (like the one above), I’m just putting my sky pictures in this folder.



Stormy Weather

An HDR image made using Photoshop from three shots taken with my Canon IXUS 980IS.

Rained heavily for a time today. After it stopped, the sky cleared-up quite nicely. A beautiful blue with white, white clouds. Shanshan and I laid on the floor of our apartment, looking out as the clouds drifted by (whilst Chong Chong, oblivious to them, happily entertained himself).

BBC Pollution Bias

I took this picture a few hours ago as I was leaving work. Yet another beautiful summer day in Beijing. Blue skies, white clouds, low air pollution (currently at 50 AQI).

The Chinese government today announced plans to remove six million vehicles from the road by the end of the year that don’t meet exhaust emission standards (which, if you’ve not seen “An Inconvenient Truth”, are higher than those in the US).

So, instead of taking a picture today, the BBC used this:

You can see the BBC article here.

Blue Skies and White Clouds at Jinwuxing

I needed to get an assortment of stuff (such as hinges, a door threshold, custom-cut metal plates, and wood shelves), so I went down to Jinwuxing yesterday. Fairly devoid of tourists (and, by that, I mean both the foreign and Chinese types), it is one of the places that makes Beijing home for me.

Up on the Roof

Today was a wonderful summer day… a bit on the hot side (peaking around 35C/96F), but with a nice breeze, blue skies, white clouds, and moderate to good air quality. I’ve been wanting to head back onto the roof of the apartment tower, and figured this’d be a good day to do so. I took the elevator upto the top floor, but found both gates leading to the roof locked. So, I went back down to the ground floor, walked over to the adjoining tower, and took the elevator upto the top floor, where I then found one of the gates unlocked. Climbed a few flights of stairs, up through a trap door, and onto the roof.

Here’s one of the shots that I took today (it is actually two… snapped with my iPhone and then stitched together:

I’m working on a larger panorama that I took of the view. Also going through shots taken with my D300/300 mm. More later…