Fool on a Chair

I’ve been to many Chinese weddings (or, as we call them here, “weddings”) during my time in the Middle Kingdom. These days, I’m usually the only foreigner in attendance. So, well, if I’m going to stand-out anyway…

There’s something akin to “trick or treat” that one can play with the bride and groom as they make their rounds after the wedding ceremony. And, in the tradition of the Monkey King, I usually opt for the trick.

That is, to stand on a chair and have the bride light a cigarette. This results in the groom lifting her up. Sometimes the cigarette accidentally moves out her reach. Well, okay,  not really accidentally. In any event, depending on how the groom is doing, I’ll eventually stand still and even bend my knees.

So, there you have it, fool on a chair.

Weddings Photos

I know the title seems a bit strange, but I think it is accurate. There were four different sets of photographers working at this site. I guess it must’ve been a special one. No, I don’t know where the bride for the last groom went. And, I don’t really if the couples knew each other or not.

There were bunches of couples around Chaoyang Park that day… wedding photos, especially in scenic locations, seem to be very big here.

Four Lions, the Bride, and the Groom

Which marks the end of the series. Some background… last Sunday, Shanshan and I had walked Leo to the nearby vet’s to get his coat shaved for the summertime. On the way back, we saw the musicians performing and the crowd building outside the restaurant. Since I didn’t have a camera with me (cellphone embedded or otherwise), Shanshan suggested that I go home and get one. And, also, that I bring along her mother –who was over visiting– since it was bound to be a fun occasion.

btw, the shots are with my D300, switching between 14 and 85 mm lenses.

Bride and Groom Arriving

This is a shot of a bride and groom arriving at our local traditional Beijing restaurant for their wedding ceremony. This is the same restaurant in which Shanshan and I had our ceremony last June (pictures available here). They arrived in a Mercedes, with much of the wedding party following in Audis.

We, on the other hand, walked from our apartment to the restaurant for our ceremony. 🙂