Contrasts 2

This building is being constructed on the UIBE campus.

Some contrasts:

  • The tall white cell tower and the orange payphone at the base
  • The immensity of the building compared to the people and cars around it

Another thing to note is the use of cinderblocks in the building. I’ve seen this a lot in Beijing. I think this is because the relative price of using them is far cheaper than in the US. Also, I’d imagine that it takes far less skill to use these than it does to pour concrete.

The steel beams are forming a globe that is part of the UIBE logo. The globe was assembled on the ground, and then lifted into place.

Empty Campus Street

This is one of the main streets at the massive campus of the University of International Business and Economics. During the academic year, this street is teaming with students.

Laker’s Pizza

Situated in a food alley across the street from the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Laker’s Pizza has a gets a mix of Chinese and foreign patrons. They have hookahs, beer towers, telephones at every table so you can call other patrons,  a foosball table, a well-stocked bar, multiple television sets and, yes, pizza.

None of which I really care about.

What I like about the place is that they have pretty stable wifi, a good and cheap breakfast (available all day), fairly good service, will add hot water to my tea throughout the couple hours I spend there, a nice selection of music (except during Christmastime, when it was “The Little Drummer Boy” and such ilk on constant rotation), and a nice dive feel to it.

Oh, and things like this drawn on the walls.