Chong Chong at 20 Months

This picture was taken around 1 pm today by with Shanshan with her iPhone 6 at the Solana mall.

He decided to go old school today, forgoing his customary Logitech Performance MX mouse for a Sun Type 6 USB mouse.

Oh, and continuing the theme from yesterday, the AQI was around 20 when this picture was taken.

Shanshan’s First Mother’s Day

Or, more accurately, Shanshan’s first Mother’s Day as a mother. She is wearing the same qípáo that she wore at our wedding celebration.

Uncle Leo is an an old-hand at family pictures by now, and decided to slip a little tongue into the shot. Cheeky, Uncle Leo, cheeky.

Chong Chong’s birthday is tomorrow, so I’ll forgo the usual “Chong Chong at months” post this month.

For today’s shoot, I decided to go with the Nikon D300 instead of the Lumix DMV-GX7. The first shot was with my 85 mm 1:1.8 D, and the second two were with my 50 mm 1:1.4 G. Ambient light only on the first two, with the third using the built-in flash.