Performing Arts

Rehearsing Company B (II)

Pictures from yesterday’s rehearsal at the Beijing Dance Academy. Rehearsals have now moved onto the stage.



Rehearsing Company B

Pictures from today’s rehearsal at the Beijing Dance Academy for an upcoming performance of the Paul Taylor Dance Company classic, Company B. Leading the rehearsal (and doing the staging of the ballet) is Richard Chen See.

The dancers are first and second year students at the academy.

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve done dance photography, something for which I’ve had a longstanding passion.

btw, I took over 500 shots to get these five; something that I totally expected before shooting the rehearsal.


Beijing Winter Square Dance

I’ve seen a lot of dances (to both Western and Chines music) take place during the spring and summer nights… especially around Hou Hai and open areas around apartment complexes… but I’m not as used to seeing dancing during the cold winter months.

It was a pretty simple dance to be sure… more walking in a square with rhythmic arm movements, and no where near the level of difficulty that happens during warmer months, but I do thinking it was dancing nonetheless.