Schoolgirls on a Trolley

Taken through the very dirty window of a Hong Kong taxi whilst we were stopped at a traffic light.

I did a little bit of cropping, brought-up the shadows just a bit, and then brought down both the hue and saturation.

Really do love shooting with the DMC-GX7… makes this type of shot easy.

Small Hand, Big Mouse

I know it is not yet time for my monthly picture of Chong Chong, but I really like this picture and want to share it. 😉

He’s standing quite well (almost walking), and loves reaching up to “use” my mouse and keyboard. A simply wonderful distraction when I’m working at home.

The shot was taken with my DMC-GX7. I would’ve preferred to have crisper focus on his hand, but I think the softness might help to convey a sense of movement (and, well, if he’s awake, he’s moving). A fair amount of cropping and straightening, with increases in contrast and clarity, and large decreases in highlights and shadows. I also took the liberty of removing some scratches from my desktop, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, and I like how the keyboard and glasses help to frame the shot.