Chong Chong at Nine Months



About to bite the key

Teething on a handlebar grip

Waving to fans

All photographs taken today at our neighborhood Gymboree.

Beijing Olympic Park Observation Tower

Beijing Olympic Park Observation Tower, which should be completed this year.

This is one of four pictures I snapped with my Canon IXUS 980IS from a moving car.

Processing, which included increasing clarity and greatly decreasing both Vibrance and Saturation, was done with Photoshop Lightroom 5.5.


Chong Chong at Eight Months

Decided to do something different for this month’s picture, so I had the wife and kid up on the roof (28th floor). A bit cloudy at this time, but still a wonderful day.

To the right of the frame is the North Star Times Tower, behind Chong Chong’s arm is the Bird’s Nest, and to the left of the frame is the Pangu Plaza Hotel.

Taken with my DMC-GX7. This pictures was just with available light. I’ve got another one here using the onboard flash for some fill lighting. Both were developed with Lightroom.

Light Bulbs and Clouds

Taken today whilst walking around with my DMC-GX7. Such a versatile camera for being so lightweight and having such a small footprint.

The wonderful blue skies and white clouds continue here in Beijing. Although I’ve complained to the BBC about their bias, I remain doubtful about having any coverage of the gorgeous weather here in Western media.

I’ve been collecting pictures I’ve taken of these Beijing Skies at:


Unless I get a shot that I think is really cool (like the one above), I’m just putting my sky pictures in this folder.



Beams on a San Lun Che

Taken on a side-street of the Fourth Ring Road (the main part is elevated). My apartment complex is nearby.

Another illustration of sizing the vehicle to the job. The driver of the san lun che is wearing a motorcycle helmet, which is still pretty rare in Beijing.

The woman driving the elect bicycle to the right of the frame is wearing a shirt backward so as to keep sun off of her arms.

And, don’t you just love that beautiful sky?