Brown, White, and Blue

I looked up when leaving the apartment complex a few days ago, and saw this. One of the nice things of having a camera with me on a fairly regular basis. 🙂

Today’s weather, unfortunately, is a bit smoggy. AQI has been in the unhealthy range as well.

Hopefully, we’ll get some rain and/or wind tonight, and get back to the beautiful weather.


A Seemingly Plausible Description

I’ve noticed the Convenient Hotel for at least the past six months. I’ve wanted to take a picture of it for just as long. However, I’ve usually been on the Badaling Expressway in a taxi, and either been going to fast or had the view obstructed by traffic.

But today’s taxi driver took a different route, which had us on a side street instead of the main highway.

Anyway, as we were about to pass, I cracked down my window, stuck my IXUS 980IS out the window, and then got this single shot.