Image editing


This is the Shun Fung restaurant, which my wife tells me is known for high-quality Cantonese Seafood. She says that it is also very fancy and expensive.

I was intrigued by the contrast between the massive neon sign and the little man in the large red coat,bow tie, and black cowboy hat.

The photo is a composite nine shots taken with my Canon IXUS 980IS, and stitched together using Adobe Photoshop. In developing the photo, I tried to ensure the blacks were okay, but that one could still see the scaffolding behind the signage as well as the branches in the upper left-hand corner.

There’s a lot of detail in the shot, which I also like. If you click on the picture, it’ll take you to a large version on flickr…. give yourself some time to explore it. 🙂


Apartment Towers, Night

Apartment towers from a few different communities (all close to mine). Building styles varied dramatically depending upon the decade in which the community was constructed.

This is a composite of four shots taken at 9:30 last night with my D300/50 mm at f1.4 on a unipod, and then stitched together/tuned using Adobe Photoshop. ISO was 3200.