From Laolao to Laozu

Chong Chong’s first official visit after exiting his month of household quarantine, was over to Laolao’s house. Once there, Laolao gave him a gold pendant with the image of a snake on it.

With the birth of Chong Chong, Laolao has become Laozu. We’re slowly making the transition, as we are from Ma to Laolao and Ba to Laoye.


  • Ma, mother
  • Ba, father
  • Laolao, maternal grandmother
  • Laoye, maternal grandfather
  • Laozu, maternal great-grandmother
  • Gold, symbol of good luck
  • Snake, Chong Chong’s birth year

Seven Days of Chong Chong

Chong Chong is a week old today. Here are some photos (in roughly chronological order) from day -1 until now.

Shanshan checking into the emergency room.

Checking into the maternity ward.

With mom and dad.

Where Shanshan spent her first night in the hospital.

Where I spent the same night.

Chong Chong brought out for viewing whilst Shanshan’s c-section was being finished-up.

A more proper presentation.

In a nurse’s arms.

In his car seat on the way home.

In his crib.

Leo exploring.

Being breastfead.

Lunch with Nainai

During the past three Spring Festivals, my wife and I have gone to lunch with Nainai and others from my wife’s father’s side of the family at a branch of the Bian Yi Fang restaurant. This restaurant, known for their Beijing Roast Duck, was supposedly founded in 1419, although this branch is quite a bit newer than that… taking-up the entire fourth floor of the Glory Mall, conveniently located next to Nainai’s siheyuan. (That said, we would gladly have given-up some convenience to have had the Glory Mall located elsewhere, since it now sits where a fair amount of the hutong that surrounded Nainai’s siheyuan once was.)

In any event the food was delicious, the company fantastic, and I’m looking forward to going there again next year.