Beijing Blue

Ah, yes, Beijing’s Blue Skies are back. Of course, if you’re not actually living in China, you probably think that we’re perpetually smog bound. So it goes.

I took these three pictures from the roof of Tower E in the apartment complex. They were done using the Panorama mode on my Lumix DMC-GX7, with the camera mounted on an Oben CT-3510 tripod. Limited development was done using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

The first panorama is the smallest of the three, but looks best in the reduced format, so I started this blog post with it.

I strongly recommend that you click-on the bottom two shots, and look around the larger versions on flickr… click on the image once to goto flickr, then click on it again to enlarge the size.  (Yeah, the bottom one contains a bit of a “selfie”… about as clear of one you’ll ever get of me.)


Rush 6

Over the past five days that I’ve been posting these photographs of Rush, I’ve also been developing some prints (using Lightroom) that I thought could be okay with a bit of work.

In all five shots, I’ve paid particular attention to the shadows cast by the dancers (thanks to Sue for the suggestion). I also spent a lot of time using the improved spot removal tool to clean-up the background, as well as removing marks from the dance floor, backdrop wrinkles, etc.

The second image is a stitch (via Photoshop) of three photographs. On the final shot, I used the Infrared Lightroom B&W Filter Preset, which I think worked remarkably well with the original bright blue background.

All 25 photographs are now available on flickr.

Please do let me know if you have any questions or comments. 🙂

My Lion in Spring

Leo, my beloved Shih Tzu, who was born in America but made the trip back to his motherland with me when he was one and a half years old, will be turning nine in September.

He’s usually shaved by this time of year, but I’ve been procrastinating until I could get a shot of him in his winter attire. I had him washed and groomed yesterday… photographing him has to occur soon after with his coat this long since he becomes mop-like.

The Lumix DMC-GX7 did a great job capturing him. Take a look at the larger shot on flickr (accessible by clicking on the above image), and I think you’ll agree.

Forbidden City. Blue Skies. White Clouds.

This photo was also taken during my first trip to Beijing. I think the stones I photographed in the previous post were to the right of this pathway.

My friends and I were at the Forbidden City pretty early on a weekday morning, so there wasn’t a crowd (the photograph was taken at 10:30 am).

If you click on the photograph (which brings-up a larger version on flickr), you’ll see a man in a white shirt and beige jacket making a peace (or victory) sign with his left hand. You’ll see this a lot in pictures taken in China.

Oh, except for some minor tweaks to clarity, shadows, and contrast (with Lightroom 5.3), that is how the sky looked when I shot the picture. Yeah, we can get some really bad days here, but we can also get some beautiful ones as well.