China’s air pollution problem

Blue and Green

Yet another beautiful January day here in the North Capital.

Chong Chong and His Shadow

Taking advantage of the beautiful winter weather (blue skies and low air pollution) that Beijing had New Year’s Day, we took Chong Chong out to a local park.


One of the first pictures I took on July 10th. Unlike 4:58 and 5:07, which were taken from the top of the apartment complex, this one was taken out my (Ninth floor) kitchen window.

Very little work was done on it… auto lens correction, and increased values for shadows and clarity. No cropping, which is very rare for me these days.

Building. Wires. Clouds. Sky.

And, just like that, the white clouds and blue skies are back here in the northern capital of the middle kingdom.

I took this picture around 3 pm, when the AQI was 57 (Moderate). You can see a screenshot of the AQI for the last 24 hours here.


Looking Down the Third

Taken from a pedestrian overpass as I crossed over the (North) Third Ring Road. I was on my way to Jin Wu Xing to buy some assorted things for the apartment.