Bicycle with Bell and Flower

Brown, White, and Blue

I looked up when leaving the apartment complex a few days ago, and saw this. One of the nice things of having a camera with me on a fairly regular basis. 🙂

Today’s weather, unfortunately, is a bit smoggy. AQI has been in the unhealthy range as well.

Hopefully, we’ll get some rain and/or wind tonight, and get back to the beautiful weather.


Obama as Chinese Warrior

President Obama as a Chinese Warrior.

Again, the advertising campaign isn’t to:

  • Promote the seeds of democracy
  • Highlight the power of America
  • Talk about the strength of the president

It is meant to do one thing… help Homa sell refrigerators.

There are many things that are talked about in the West… about how the Chinese government doesn’t like the US or how the Chinese government severely limits freedom.

One thing that strikes me is I think that President Obama is more respected overseas than by people whom he was elected to represent.

Hope? Change? Buy!

In this advertisement, Homa Appliances is playing off of the similarity between the sound of the company’s name to that of the Chinese translation for Obama to sell refrigerators. And, as part of this campaign, they’re using an image which bears a striking resemblance to a poster designed by artist Shepard Fairey, which itself resembled an image taken by an AP freelance photographer Mannie Garcia.

Okay, putting aside the possibly copyright issues (and, this is a case which I would love to see goto court), think about what is happening here. A Chinese brand is trying to sell refrigerators in China by referencing the president of the United States. I can tell you that nothing like this happened under the Bush Administration (who, btw, wasn’t well liked here). I also cannot remember seeing any current leader from another country being held in such high esteem.

I think you’d have to go back to Lenin (before the fallout) to find anything similar.

And, this is even after being two and a half years into the administrations disastrous “pivot towards Asia”.

Now, if you think this is interesting, wait until tomorrow’s posting. 🙂