Chong Chong at 13 Months

Here are two shots from the series I’ve been doing of Chong Chong exploring my wallet.

It is great watching him turning it over and over examining it, and then taking everything out. Very impressed with how much dexterity those little fingers have.

I would’ve liked the focus to be clearer on Chong Chong’s upper body in the first shot. That said, it does help to focus one’s attention on my wallet, which I think is an essential element of the photograph.

I’d rather not have clipped his pinky in the second shot, but it is what it is.

As usual, both shots were taken with my DMC-GX7, and developed using Lightroom. New for these shots was using Lightroom to set the White Balance (Fluorescent).

Oh, from the response I got from an earlier posting of the first shot on facebook, it seemed like i should run some sort of “caption this” contest. So, if you’re up to leaving possible captions in the comments, please feel free to do so.

Chong Chong and Friend

The weather was absolutely fantastic today, so we took Chong Chong to the neighborhood square. We stayed there about an hour, walking Chong Chong around and having him meet other babies around his age.

The baby in this shot with him is about eight months old.

From Laolao to Laozu

Chong Chong’s first official visit after exiting his month of household quarantine, was over to Laolao’s house. Once there, Laolao gave him a gold pendant with the image of a snake on it.

With the birth of Chong Chong, Laolao has become Laozu. We’re slowly making the transition, as we are from Ma to Laolao and Ba to Laoye.


  • Ma, mother
  • Ba, father
  • Laolao, maternal grandmother
  • Laoye, maternal grandfather
  • Laozu, maternal great-grandmother
  • Gold, symbol of good luck
  • Snake, Chong Chong’s birth year

Splish Splash

Photographs of Chong Chong being bathed by our Yue Sao. Shanshan bought a small plastic tub that is set on the floor of our guest shower. The Yue Sao squats down to wash Chong Chong. She gently moves him back and forth by using her left hand under his neck and head. He seems totally relaxed in this small tub. (I don’t think he’s ever cried during a bath.)

Later, she will take him out, dry him off, and give him a massage.