Rush 6

Over the past five days that I’ve been posting these photographs of Rush, I’ve also been developing some prints (using Lightroom) that I thought could be okay with a bit of work.

In all five shots, I’ve paid particular attention to the shadows cast by the dancers (thanks to Sue for the suggestion). I also spent a lot of time using the improved spot removal tool to clean-up the background, as well as removing marks from the dance floor, backdrop wrinkles, etc.

The second image is a stitch (via Photoshop) of three photographs. On the final shot, I used the Infrared Lightroom B&W Filter Preset, which I think worked remarkably well with the original bright blue background.

All 25 photographs are now available on flickr.

Please do let me know if you have any questions or comments. 🙂

Rush 5

No, the soft focus on the first shot wasn’t intentional. I do hope it works, however.

I really like the lines of her toe wrapping into his shoulder in the third shot.

I think that the fourth shot is one of my better dance photographs.


I took the two pictures that are blended together to compose this shot during the fifth rehearsal of Company B (see here) I attended.

Since I’d already had quite a lot of photographs from the previous rehearsals (including the dress rehearsal earlier in the day), I was more creative with the shots… looking at different lighting, reflections, and so forth.

I was lucky that the dancer maintained the same pose throughout, and even luckier that I was able to capture the ballerina in roughly the same pose as she moved around him.

Shooting from the Wings (III)

This is my third and final set of shots taken from last Friday’s performance at the Beijing Dance Academy.

And, also, my final set of photographs from my time watching Company B develop there. It was a truly wonderful experience.


Rehearsing Company B (V)

These pictures are from last Wednesday evening’s rehearsal. It was a complete run-through, but most of the cast weren’t in costumes (due to tailoring needs and such).

The last photograph was given to the cast after the end of their final performance with Richard in town, with him signing most of the photographs.

Rehearsing Company B (II)

Pictures from yesterday’s rehearsal at the Beijing Dance Academy. Rehearsals have now moved onto the stage.



Rehearsing Company B

Pictures from today’s rehearsal at the Beijing Dance Academy for an upcoming performance of the Paul Taylor Dance Company classic, Company B. Leading the rehearsal (and doing the staging of the ballet) is Richard Chen See.

The dancers are first and second year students at the academy.

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve done dance photography, something for which I’ve had a longstanding passion.

btw, I took over 500 shots to get these five; something that I totally expected before shooting the rehearsal.


Xi’an, Revisited (I)

I’ve been to Xi’an three times: October of 2007,  September of 2009, and May of 2010. In total, I’ve taken over 500 picture of the city, with Nikon D50, Nikon D300, and Canon IXUS 950 IS cameras. Over the next week, I’ll be posting four pictures a day of the shots I took that I think best captured the city, both in terms of its long history, as well as the people currently living or visiting there.

Most of the pictures were taken during the 2007 trip and with the Nikon D50. At five days, it was my longest visit to the city.

I’m only included three pictures of the Terracotta Army. I think the three are somewhat unique. And, well, I just wasn’t satisfied with a lot of the pictures I took at the pits, especially given how heavily photographed they’ve been.

Thanks to my Uncle David for the idea.

Note: I’ll probably be returning to Xi’an later this year. And, as with the previous three trips, it’ll be by soft-sleeper (overnight train).