Adobe Photoshop

Pegasus Rising

The Pegasus in the courtyard of my apartment complex. I took this shot last month, well before the skies were prettied-up for the APEC meeting. I’ve not done that much shooting during this period. I think that I’ve got a fair amount of photographs on clear days other than APEC blue ones, and I don’t want to cloud what I’ve been taking.

Also, the sky right now is eerie. I mean, it is nice and all, but something about it just doesn’t look/feel right.

This should’ve been a straightforward shot, but it wasn’t. I had Chong Chong on my waist seat while I was trying to capture the scene. I ended-up shooting four off-center pictures, which I stitched together using Photoshop. There was quite a lot of tweaking with Lightroom afterward as well… including the removal of a shadow from one of the hooves mid-center of the Pegasus on the statue below. Kudos to you if you don’t understand why this might be distracting.

Other tweaks include upping the contrast,clarity, and shadow settings, and decreasing the vibrance and saturation.

Stormy Weather

An HDR image made using Photoshop from three shots taken with my Canon IXUS 980IS.

Rained heavily for a time today. After it stopped, the sky cleared-up quite nicely. A beautiful blue with white, white clouds. Shanshan and I laid on the floor of our apartment, looking out as the clouds drifted by (whilst Chong Chong, oblivious to them, happily entertained himself).

A Bit Down the Street

I took this shot a bit down the street from the previous post.

I’d been trying to capture the building on the right for about a year, but wasn’t happy with the results until now.

The striped plastic on the left is covering-up part of a building under construction.

This is a composite of two photographs taken with my Lumix  DMC-GX7.

It is best viewed by looking at the original on flickr.. there’s a lot of detail in the photo.

Kitchen View

Another restaurant along the East Third Ring Road.

This one specializes in Guangzhou Roast Duck.

Guangzhou is more known for Roast Goose.

From the look on my wife’s face as she read the sign, the old Beijing people that she is, I am very doubtful we’ll ever set foot inside the restaurant.

In the upper right-hand corner is a neon sign for the Beijing Youth Daily.




This is the Shun Fung restaurant, which my wife tells me is known for high-quality Cantonese Seafood. She says that it is also very fancy and expensive.

I was intrigued by the contrast between the massive neon sign and the little man in the large red coat,bow tie, and black cowboy hat.

The photo is a composite nine shots taken with my Canon IXUS 980IS, and stitched together using Adobe Photoshop. In developing the photo, I tried to ensure the blacks were okay, but that one could still see the scaffolding behind the signage as well as the branches in the upper left-hand corner.

There’s a lot of detail in the shot, which I also like. If you click on the picture, it’ll take you to a large version on flickr…. give yourself some time to explore it. 🙂

Four Generations +

Had a great lunch today, with traditional and non-traditional Beijing food. We had four generations at the table, along with an uncle.

From left to right:

  • mama
  • yue sao
  • chong chong
  • laolao
  • laozu
  • shushu de nvpengyou
  • shushu

With baba behind the camera. 🙂



Inside Building Two

Otherwise known as the brick shithouse. Multiple shots stitched together with Photoshop. Used the D300/14 mm combo with the built-in flash. The flash was partially blocked by the large diameter of the 14 mm, but Photoshop took care of that during the stitch.

Apartment Towers, Night

Apartment towers from a few different communities (all close to mine). Building styles varied dramatically depending upon the decade in which the community was constructed.

This is a composite of four shots taken at 9:30 last night with my D300/50 mm at f1.4 on a unipod, and then stitched together/tuned using Adobe Photoshop. ISO was 3200.