An Amazing Month (old post)

It has been an amazing month. Started with a visit to the USA. Purchased an engagement ring whist visiting my mom in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and proposed the next week in San Francisco. We got married on Tuesday, and finished paying for our new apartment on Thursday. Which, incidentally, was my 46th birthday. At the start of the trip, I learned that my boss had taken a package and left the company. I was moved over to a new boss who seems to be really good.

Saturday (old post)

Plan is to write on this blog at least once a day. Not sure whether I’ll publish anything… just starting to keep a journal. When I wrote continuously for a couple of weeks in my old blog, it was a really good feeling. I’ve got so much doubt. Some false pride I guess. Need to overcome this crap if I’m to move on and do something wonderful with my life. So glad to be married to ShanShan. Damn. Just amazing. Don’t know what else to write.

One dog, one cat, and one wife. I like the sound of that.

I’m debating creating a new identity around sujinyan. I like the way it sounds and what it means. Nice to put other names behind me.

I like robs a lot, robesoh came into being because I needed something unique. Never really liked it that much.

Want to be moved out of the apartment and into our new home very much. So many things to get done before then, I know.


Three photographs I took during my first open water scuba dive.

Nope, I don’t know the names of these fishy fishy fishy fish.

If you do, please leave info in the comments.



Photos once again taken with the Nikon Coolpix AW120. Lightroom was used for developing the shoots, which included using the auto white balance.

Dating Requirements

After living in Beijing for over three years, and experiencing the ups and downs of dating Chinese women, I had put together some dating requirements.

  • Age between 25-30. Since I’m in my mid-40’s, I would have preferred to be dating a woman in the mid-30’s range, but things are different here. There is a huge amount of pressure on women to get married before 30. If they’re available, they probably have been divorced, divorced and have a kid, have put their career before marriage, or have some other complication.
  • Born in Beijing. Since I live in Beijing, it makes traveling to see parents a lot easier. I really don’t want to take a 20-hour train ride into the country to visit. I also enjoy having modern amenities. Also, and this is a big one, it means that the parents might have had exposure to foreigners.
  • Fluent in English. Yeah, I’m studying Chinese. But, just makes things easier for her to be fluent in English. For one, it makes traveling out of China much easier. Also, well, when it comes time to talk with my parents… 🙂
  • At least a Bachelors. I’ve got a Masters, and most of the women I’ve dated have had at least a Bachelors. Just makes things easier.
  • Traveled outside of China. Means both an interest in going outside the boarders of the country, as well as the necessary connections to have made this happen.
  • Some interest in physical fitness. Doesn’t have to be a gym bunny, but have some interest in keep herself in shape.

Of course, yeah, she’d need to be pretty, smart, and have a great personality. 🙂

As of a couple weeks ago, I think I’ve found her… a woman who meets all of the above.