Pictures take in in Kolkata/Calcutta during Durga Puja 2012

At the Zoo

Some additional shots taken waiting to get into the zoo. I did the first one in black and white because I thought it would give it a more classic feel. Was impressed with the depth of field that the Canon had in it as well. So much to look at throughout the picture.

Of course, black and white didn’t begin to capture the different colors and patters of the saris, so I’ve added the second shot.

As far as the third one goes, that ain’t snacks for people that the vendor is selling (click on the image to get to a larger version if you cannot read the signs clearly). I also liked how people were touching each other in the left side of the photo.

The final frame is because I thought about the song when editing the photos.



The lettering at the bottom of the sign reads:

faster, safer, friendlier


Writing on a Wall

Night shot with my Nikon D300 / 14 mm at 3200 ISO. No flash. Have never got the hang of flash photography.

The SUCI(C) refers to:


I’d be interested in knowing what the other writing says.

Escorting Durga

I left Kolkata on Immersion Day. These six photos show a statue of Durga as she is escorted to a river for immersion. I took them from the cab as I was heading to the airport.

I’ve got a couple photos left that I think are okay, and want to add some commentary at some point, but I’m going to end my regular posts about the week I spent in Kolkata for awhile.

The next post will have something to do about my home in Beijing.