Not Unpresidented

One again, Trump makes an outright lie. And, once again, the mainstream media goes after the gaffe he made in the lie, instead of the lie itself.

And, once again, Fox counters about the gaffe, and fails to address the lie.

To be clear, having a foreign nation take control of a US drone or, for that matter, a vessel, is not unpresidented. Hell, it isn’t even  unprecedented.

Here’s a list. Please add to it. (All summaries/links courtesy of WikiPedia or NYTimes.)

Central Park Snow (3A)

The Falconer

The Falconer depicts both a human figure, clad in Elizabethan dress, and a falcon, representing the union and communion between a bird of prey and man.

Reedited according to Sue’s comment on the original posting.

Central Park Snow (6)

Eagles and Prey

Eagles and Prey, by Christophe Fratin (1800-1864), is the oldest known sculpture in any New York City park. Cast in Paris in 1850, the statue was a gift given to the City by Gordon Webster Burnham (1803-1885). It was installed in Central Park in 1863. Burnham, a manufacturing giant, also commissioned the heroic-sized statue of Daniel Webster that stands on the West Drive at 72nd Street.