Mourning Dove and Chicks

Found this mouring dove in one of our hanging plant baskets yesterday. Not sure how long it has been there. When I turned off the drip line nozzle, the bird flew away for a bit. There are three chicks in the basket. Can see them clearly from our dining area window. Nice treat throughout the day.

bird&chicks 2



  1. i sent the photo to catherine, down the road, and she said it is a mourning dove…and loved the photo. how wonderful this is happening on your porch…

    1. Thanks. Shanshan saw them take their chicks by the legs and move them. They were right by our foot path and I don’t think it helped with us gawking at them. We’ve seen three mourning birds around, so we think the chicks are still nearby.

  2. Thanks! I’ve updated the title. Yes, it is a great treat.

    We’ve seen her feeding her chicks out of the dining area window.

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