Saturday (old post)

Plan is to write on this blog at least once a day. Not sure whether I’ll publish anything… just starting to keep a journal. When I wrote continuously for a couple of weeks in my old blog, it was a really good feeling. I’ve got so much doubt. Some false pride I guess. Need to overcome this crap if I’m to move on and do something wonderful with my life. So glad to be married to ShanShan. Damn. Just amazing. Don’t know what else to write.

One dog, one cat, and one wife. I like the sound of that.

I’m debating creating a new identity around sujinyan. I like the way it sounds and what it means. Nice to put other names behind me.

I like robs a lot, robesoh came into being because I needed something unique. Never really liked it that much.

Want to be moved out of the apartment and into our new home very much. So many things to get done before then, I know.