A Perspective (old post)

Last night, Shanshan had a very bad case of la duza, resulting in frequent trips to the bathroom. At about 11 pm, we decided it was time to head to the hospital. We were not only concerned about la duza, but how it might affect our soon-to-be baby.

So, we went out side, caught a cab to InternationalSOS, and got Shanshan checked-in. She was the only patient there when we arrived.

(Her parents met us there since they were concerned and the hospital is a short drive from their home.)

She was quickly given a private ward which had it’s own bathroom (promptly used).

After a nurse took her vitals, the doctor saw her and confirmed that it was, indeed, a bad case of la duza. She was given some packs of saline crystals to mix with water and taken five times a day, some medication to help make things a bit more solid, and was sent home.

All in all, our stay at the hospital was right around an hour, and cost well within my daily insurance limit for outpatient services.