Month: December 2018


Family and friends came together today to celebrate dad’s 80th birthday.

At the beginning of the gathering, I laid out some of his belongings, and, with help from mom and other family members, talked about the significance of each.


I’m now officially the “keeper of dad’s stuff”, much of which includes prints of photographs that dad took. Matthew helped me sort through them last night, and Aram helped me lay them out today for people to look through today.

It was the first time that many folks had met each other.

Here’s a photo of the group.


Clicking on this picture ( showing dad puckering-up to give Chong Chong a goodbye kiss — taken on dad’s birthday two years ago) has a link to these shots as well as some of the prints that I brought to the gathering.


Note: the pictures from Persia are from a trip dad took there in 2010. They were on an SD card I recently found when going through dad’s belongings.

Many thanks to Stacy for making the idea of a birthday party a reality.

The three of them

Matthew came into town today for my dad’s 80th birthday party. He’ll be staying with us for two weeks. Shanshan took this picture of the three of my kids together. Thirty-five, five, and (almost) eight months.

Strange to think that Xixi’s age would easily put me in the great-grandfather range. (Chong Chong’s as well… depending upon how Southern one gets.)


An Amazing Month (old post)

It has been an amazing month. Started with a visit to the USA. Purchased an engagement ring whist visiting my mom in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and proposed the next week in San Francisco. We got married on Tuesday, and finished paying for our new apartment on Thursday. Which, incidentally, was my 46th birthday. At the start of the trip, I learned that my boss had taken a package and left the company. I was moved over to a new boss who seems to be really good.

Saturday (old post)

Plan is to write on this blog at least once a day. Not sure whether I’ll publish anything… just starting to keep a journal. When I wrote continuously for a couple of weeks in my old blog, it was a really good feeling. I’ve got so much doubt. Some false pride I guess. Need to overcome this crap if I’m to move on and do something wonderful with my life. So glad to be married to ShanShan. Damn. Just amazing. Don’t know what else to write.

One dog, one cat, and one wife. I like the sound of that.

I’m debating creating a new identity around sujinyan. I like the way it sounds and what it means. Nice to put other names behind me.

I like robs a lot, robesoh came into being because I needed something unique. Never really liked it that much.

Want to be moved out of the apartment and into our new home very much. So many things to get done before then, I know.

Massage by Blind Masseurs (old post)

This is the sign hanging in the establishment that Shanshan and her parents often frequent.

I’m not sure what function the Braille on the sign, which is behind a desk, serves. One would assume that a blind person working at the establishment would know their location. And, a blind patron would probably not be able to easily find the sign.

And, while we’re on the subject of things that I’m unsure about, here’s a poster of Britney Spears on a fish tank in the same establishment:


Beijing Life (old post)

With over five years living in China, I’m fairly aware about life in Beijing. Although I’ve traveled a bit in China, most of my destinations have been cities, so I really haven’t seen how the majority of Chinese live. Although I work for an American-based company, I’m one of the few foreigners at the site. Likewise, I don’t live in an ex-pat enclave… the apartment complex

untitled (old post)

it has been another gloriously foggy day in beijing!

i love the fog here… rolling in crisp, cool, and clean from the ocean. sometimes, it is so thick that it clings to my arms, forming little droplets.

it reminds me in so many ways of the time i spent in edinburugh nigh on 25 years ago.

this is such a wondrous time of the year!

little voice robs?
me hmmmmmmmh?
little voice you do know that beijing isn’t on the ocean, right?
me well….
little voice and, that it isn’t fog you walked through on the way to work.
me but…
little voice also, that those little droplets you mentioned are, in fact, sweat.
me fine… well, at least i’ll always have edinburugh

the title of this entry makes reference to A Foggy Day (In London Town).

Here’s a link to a version done by Hazel Scott, Charlie Mingus, and Rudy Nichols during a 1955 televised pitch for the March of Dimes fight against Polio.