Month: September 2016


Our last trip out to the hives was for a pretty simple task: put a strip of MiteAway in each hive. (I’m interlacing pictures from a few of the hives which were treated… just in case the change in hive colors was confusing.)

Okie started by puffing smoke into the entrance of the hive, and then into the top.

Next, he took the lid off of the hive, removed the top module, and again puffed smoke onto the bees.

Notice how the bees just kept working on away on the cover of the hive, and that there isn’t a swarm around us.

There were certainly a change in the buzz of the hive, however, and workers were definitely checking us out… more on that later.

The bins of the main hive were then separated, and the strip was placed inside.

Afterward, Okie strapped the MiteAway container and a hive module (that had been left for the bees to clean out) to the back of the truck, and we headed out.

Because the truck was relatively close to the hives, and with some of the bees still showing an interest in us, we left the suits on longer than usual.

btw, with my new goat skin gloves, and not wearing any lotion on my right arm, I didn’t get stung on this trip.