Five B&W Shots from Germany

The first three were taken on one of my many long drives with Chong Chong whilst Shanshan was attending a conference. The last two were while we entertained ourselves at she when shopping at a huge outlet mall. Nope, I don’t like shopping.

Conversion of all five shots was done with Adobe Lightroom 5.7* Mostly it involves doing a stock conversion, and then boosting the Clarity and Contrast, and then mucking a bit with Highlights, Shadows, and Exposure.

* I’ve been trying to find a compelling reason to upgrade to Lightroom 6.0, and have so far unable to do so. A big negative is that the trial version crashes whenever it encounters a video.


  1. these black and whites are so beautiful, robert. the pathways and windows inviting. really wonderful forms…and such a different feeling than the photos you take in beijing. very much an experience of the countryside in germany.

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