The Village Square

Taken in The Village at noon last Friday, about an hour or so before Metal, Brick, and Glass. Again, with my D300 / 14 mm combo.

I hate this area. Abhor it. Full of tourists (foreign and otherwise) and trendy/chic people with whom I’ve got next to nothing in common. If it weren’t for the Apple store, or a Belgian beer pub called The Tree, I wouldn’t visit there at all. Okay, well, Blue Frog ain’t bad either, but that’s it.

The place is usually chockablock full of people. It was cool to take a photo of the square when it was relatively empty.


  1. robert, be very clear …. it is a gift for you to be our man in beijing … reminding and showing us what is happening on the other side of the planet where most people live.Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2015 12:49:14 +0000 To:

  2. Interesting what make a place attract the young and the beautiful

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  3. the hamburger on the blue frog site looks delicious. and, i’d have to go to this square to buy t-shirts from uniqlo…certainly plenty of metal, brick and glass here.

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