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Well, folks, I’m now a published photographer. Chris Stecher, who is the publisher/editor of precis magazine, was kind enough to put “Wife and Child” on the cover of last month’s magazine, as well as dedicating five other pages of the magazine to my work. I’m also very grateful for his editorial comments about my work on the second page.

Thanks to my brother Aram for introducing me to Chris, and my mom for helping me to choose the Beijing Sky photographs that Chris alluded to in his editorial. And, although it should go without saying, thanks to my wife and our son.

I’m a bit late in blogging about the magazine since it took awhile for the kind folks at — the publishing platform which Chris uses — to dial back their pornography-bot and allow the photograph through without requiring age verification.

If you are so inclined, please show your support for the magazine by clicking-on the above photograph, and reading the publication. (My brother Aram also has a piece in it.)

btw, looks like there’s too much “skin” showing for Chris to do a paid-blast on Facebook.


  1. Robert,

    Great photos! I love the two page spread as well. Great to see both you and Aram in the magazine. The cover image is spectacular.


  2. Robert!! That is so exciting!! And I have always loved that photo— Wonderful that your work is getting out into the world. xxx Suey


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