Beijing Chaoyang International Spring Festival

I took over a hundred pictures with my DMC-GX7 at the fair. Over the past few days, I whittled them down to 35, which I then developed using Photoshop Lightroom. (The entire album is available here.)

Over the last few days, I’ve been thinking about what drives me as a photographer. Besides capturing images that interest me, I think most of my “work” falls into one or more of three categories:

  • Images of my family
  • Images that are meant to relate something to foreigners about this city I so love
  • Images that are meant for a local audience

And, with that said, here are three photographs from my birthday trek through the festival that I just like. 🙂

Beautiful two-story merry-go-round adorned with red lanterns for Spring Festival.

I’m calling this one “the brakeman”. I’ll let you figure-out why.

Shanshan, Chong Chong, and Lao Lao with piglets.


  1. That carnival looks amazing. We never had anything like that in my small, corn fed hometown!! In the photos of Chong Chong, he looks so intent always on what he is doing. Such a cute little fellow.


  2. A two-story Merry-Go-Round. I’ve never seen anything like that. So cool. i just love the little parks for the kids like this around the cities like Beijing and Xi’an.

  3. how wonderful to read those three categories. and equally wonderful to receive the photos. did chong chong go on the 2 story merry go round? did you? i don’t think i have ever seen a 2 story one.

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