Day: 2015-02-25

Bubble in Chaoyang Park

Well, I turned 32 (hex) yesterday. Was an absolutely great day. Started with talking with my mom (via Skype), then a red envelope from the wife’s mom, followed by an iPhone 6 from the wife. Also, had some great birthday wishes on Facebook.

After breakfast, we bundled up the gang and headed out to Chaoyang Park. Strolled around most of the morning, including a trip to the petting zoo, and then headed over to the Paulaner Bräuhaus for a great meal with fantastic beer.

I’ll post more pictures of the day tomorrow.

I took the above picture soon after we arrived at the park. I saw some folks blowing big bubbles (in an effort to sell the bubble makers), and thought it might be interesting if I could catch a reflection in one. Took a few shots in quick succession, and here’s the best.