Brunch in the Square

We went to the neighborhood square yesterday. It was emptier than usual, but still had a fair amount of people there doing the customary activities: dancing, playing cards, romping around with their children and grandchildren, and just enjoying a wonderful blue-sky day.

Part of the culture in the square is that the children share toys. Balls, tricycles, carts on strings, etc, are just left around the area. There are definitely times that a child will get territorial, but the adults will work with them on changing this behavior.

Chong Chong has been favoring sweet bread lately. So, when a family took a break to eat some pastries, he decided to join them. (We were a bit embarrassed, but they were extremely nice about it.)


  1. phillip says it sounds like chong chong was going along with the program: sharing. i am so enjoying these written and photographed experiences and learning from them. shanshan’s big smile also lights up this photo.

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