Snow Buddha

Harbin is cold during the day, and much colder at night… so cold that the battery in my DMC-GX7 gave up the ghost after only a few shots.

Thankfully, I had along my D300 with an MB-D10 battery pack attached. Had no shortage of juice with this setup.

The above picture was taken on an Oben CT-3510 Tripod with BB-0T Ball Head (very glad that I decided to go with a light and compact tripod), with a 50 mm f/1.4 attached and an ISO of 3200 (had it cranked-up because I was also attempting hand-held shots… emphasis on attempting).

Developing the shot in Lightroom was a bit of a challenge. The original came-out really orangish. I ended-up dialing back the Temp a lot, with decreases in Clarity and Vibrance as well.

I hope this captures something of the scale… I think he was something like 20 meters high, and seated on top a snow mountain that was even taller.


  1. quite different from the penguins! how wonderful to stand before this, dwarfed by it. amazing to think of this in ice…and not melting. by the way, my gmx-7 battery does the same thing…even in the relatively (to harbin) cold of nyc, it lost power, though not as fast as yours did in the cold of harbin. i did buy an extra one at b and h.

    do they change the ice figures? i mean, will this stand for years?

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