Pegasus Rising

The Pegasus in the courtyard of my apartment complex. I took this shot last month, well before the skies were prettied-up for the APEC meeting. I’ve not done that much shooting during this period. I think that I’ve got a fair amount of photographs on clear days other than APEC blue ones, and I don’t want to cloud what I’ve been taking.

Also, the sky right now is eerie. I mean, it is nice and all, but something about it just doesn’t look/feel right.

This should’ve been a straightforward shot, but it wasn’t. I had Chong Chong on my waist seat while I was trying to capture the scene. I ended-up shooting four off-center pictures, which I stitched together using Photoshop. There was quite a lot of tweaking with Lightroom afterward as well… including the removal of a shadow from one of the hooves mid-center of the Pegasus on the statue below. Kudos to you if you don’t understand why this might be distracting.

Other tweaks include upping the contrast,clarity, and shadow settings, and decreasing the vibrance and saturation.


  1. Worth the effort. It’s a great shot.

    It’s great picturing you carrying Chong Chong while taking this. Let’s catch up soon.



  2. very funny “i don’t want to cloud what i’ve been taking.” i’m glad you are posting again. this is a soaring shot…and, the work you did in lightroom is excellent…feels totally as though you took a single perfect shot.

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