Looking North

This shot, was taken from a pedestrian over-crossing outside my apartment complex,  is looking down Hui Xin Xi JIe as it crosses over the North Fourth Ring Road. On the left in the background are three structures that I’ve previously photographed: the abandoned building, the golden potato, and the smokestack.

On the right, is the entrance to an extremely convenient subway station. A bit farther back is a building under construction.

Proof once again that, although we certainly have our days of bad traffic and horrible air pollution (and even days with both), we still have days like Chong Chong’s grandmother remembers from her youth.


  1. This shot, as well as the ones previous, were just on clear days. I haven’t shot anything this week because it just doesn’t feel natural. 🙂

    1. They are. Although the ones we have now (via the shutdowns for the APEC summit) are eerie feeling. Just not used to seeing skies this clear in November.

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