Toilet Delivery and Installation

This contractor had stopped at a street corner near my apartment complex to ask for directions when I snapped the photo.

I really like how low the carbon footprint is for him. I mean, everything on an electric bicycle. In the US, this would be “big truck” work.


  1. We have been to China five times (as adoptive parents) – I have really enjoyed looking at these types of scenarios and their contrast to America!

  2. looking at your photo another look…the red band on the toilet and the one on the truck and the building to the left of the truck all work together too. i don’t know if you are aware of this when you shoot or if it totally intuitive in your photography, developed by paying so much attention over years. but, it happens again and again in your work. pattern and color working together to move the eye within what could be, otherwise, a chaotic image. quite a talent.

  3. wonderful photo…the color on the man’s work suit and the color on the back of the truck bracket the photo in a beautiful way. and the subject matter is so interesting. no way would one see that in the us of a. it would be such a surprising sight that everyone would be taking out their iphones and photographing it. and, it would make the local evening news!

  4. That is so true – it would have come in a massive box with loads of polystyrene packaging and then in a big truck!
    Great photo πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks!

      I’d forgotten about the packing. πŸ™‚

      On a somewhat related topic, household waste here is far less than I observed in the states.

      1. Less stuff. For example, we don’t have a lot of canned food in our home. The folks goto the market each day to buy food, meat, etc.

      2. Oh I see, that’s really good. So different to here in the UK!

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