F U C K has been written on the glass door of an abandoned building near where I live for over a year. Decided I had enough of it, and scraped off the “K” today.

Some IDIOT thought that I was writing on it instead, and took a picture of me walking away.

Just now, a group of about eight women and a man showed-up at my apartment (in a fairly secure building) to confront me… startling my mother-in-law and ayi along the way.

They were apologetic when they found-out what happened, but this has left me hurt and angry.

I am constantly cleaning-up the neighborhood (removing stickers left on poles and the ground), and will continue to do so… albeit now with a bitter taste in my mouth.

I’d been planning on taking a picture of it tomorrow, since there was a car parked in front today.

Sort of my homage to The Catcher in the Rye and The Tenants of Moonbloom.



  1. i am glad they have apologized to you after accusing you of something you were correcting. the apology sounds important. i hope it was a good, strong apology.

    1. It was. From a number of people. Also, they went back and cleaned-off the remaining letters. That was especially nice to see.

  2. Hi Sujinyan,

    I wonder if there isn’t some pent up resentment toward you as an American that was coming out here from people in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, you are seen as a representative of a country that seems to consider its actions above the law.


    1. I don’t think that I look like what an average Chinese might think an American looks like. Especially when we’ve got so many folks from closer-looking nationalities in my area.

      I do think that there is some general resentment towards foreigners coming to China and doing bad things ™. And, well, I share some of it.

      I don’t think it was some neighborhood bias, either, but some overzealous person who just made a bad (stupid) decision.

      The folks in my general area, who do know that I’m American, have been extremely gracious to me.

  3. fascinating—they ignore it for a year, then go into action! Thank you for cleaning it up, Rob.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, it was lost on me that those folks could’ve cleaned the whole front of the building in the time it took to come to my apartment.

      Shanshan told me she thought there was now some sort of reward for catching folks defacing property. Might have had played a part in this.

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