Day: 2014-09-2


F U C K has been written on the glass door of an abandoned building near where I live for over a year. Decided I had enough of it, and scraped off the “K” today.

Some IDIOT thought that I was writing on it instead, and took a picture of me walking away.

Just now, a group of about eight women and a man showed-up at my apartment (in a fairly secure building) to confront me… startling my mother-in-law and ayi along the way.

They were apologetic when they found-out what happened, but this has left me hurt and angry.

I am constantly cleaning-up the neighborhood (removing stickers left on poles and the ground), and will continue to do so… albeit now with a bitter taste in my mouth.

I’d been planning on taking a picture of it tomorrow, since there was a car parked in front today.

Sort of my homage to The Catcher in the Rye and The Tenants of Moonbloom.