San Lun Che with Tricycle

San lun che means “three wheel vehicle”. So, these both could technically be called san lun ches. I guess they could also both be called tricycles. This never sounded quite right to me, which is why I’ve stuck with san lun che. I mean, who puts a steel beam or ice cream cooler on a tricycle?

As with the one in my previous post, this san lun che is gas powered. The chain and the right peddle are missing. I think that the flap behind the front wheel is a leftover from the winter months, and is more meant to shield the driver’s legs from cold wind and such then to act as a mud flap.

I took this shot with my iPhone 4, and was really unhappy with it. Amongst other things, the focus was way off. I had a good laugh when taking it, and thought it would be fun for folks to see, so I didn’t feel like just deleting it. Converting it to B&W, and tweaking it with Lightroom, seems to have saved it somewhat.


  1. also, looking at the blown up photo, i am struck by the basket below the carrying cart and the basket in front. so efficient in terms of loads.

  2. i’m glad you photographed this and posted it. first, it lets me really look at the san lun che…and it is interesting reading about the translation and the difference. also, the child’s vehicle is delightful…with the push stick on the back and such a comfortable little seat.

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