In Front of this Lion…

and the other one guarding the gate, I saw four people (three grandmas and a man my age) standing side-by-side, some with their hands on their hips. The grandmas were busily chatting, whilst he man was just standing quietly.

As I walked upto them, I figured-out why they were there, and took-up a place a bit behind them, on the rise leading into the gate.

Then it happened… the leaves on the trees which enclosed the area began to rustle, and a cool breeze was soon upon us.



  1. what a wonderful story, so well told with the photo…i had no idea where it was leading but found myself being drawn along to discover what happened.

    1. Thanks. I was touched when I figured-out what was happening. Becoming more of the community. And, I noticed some other people doing the same thing when I came home. There really are some very nice cool breezes around here.

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