Building. Wires. Clouds. Sky.

And, just like that, the white clouds and blue skies are back here in the northern capital of the middle kingdom.

I took this picture around 3 pm, when the AQI was 57 (Moderate). You can see a screenshot of the AQI for the last 24 hours here.



  1. It is so interesting to me how it always takes me a good moment to figure out where you were aiming from in order to understand the perspective At first I thought this was two separate shots!

    1. as i was sharing this photo with phillip…and we were both admiring it…i realized i might want to base a painting in glass on it. the proportions are terrific.

  2. The AQI levels are consistent and high during the evening/overnight, then drop significantly and remain low for the rest of the day. Is this a typical pattern? Do factories ramp up overnight because they can hide their atmospheric outputs under the cloak of darkness or are there government controls to lessen the levels during daylight hours?

    1. I don’t know of any patterns yet. Part depends on rain and wind. Definitely controls in an attempt to lessen it during the day (car restrictions mostly). I’ve got data going back to 2008, and am thinking about putting together an interactive site.

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