Light Bulbs and Clouds

Taken today whilst walking around with my DMC-GX7. Such a versatile camera for being so lightweight and having such a small footprint.

The wonderful blue skies and white clouds continue here in Beijing. Although I’ve complained to the BBC about their bias, I remain doubtful about having any coverage of the gorgeous weather here in Western media.

I’ve been collecting pictures I’ve taken of these Beijing Skies at:


Unless I get a shot that I think is really cool (like the one above), I’m just putting my sky pictures in this folder.




  1. the wire going through the photo adds a dimension. wires can so easily take away…but, it is the perfect balance between the bulbs and the clouds. great idea to put your sky photos in a folder that is accessible to others.

    1. Thanks. I pay particular attention to wires. I usually ensure that one side ends in a corner. Helps with the flow of the picture.

  2. Your titles make me look for the details in the photos—thank you! My eye is learning.

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