Beams on a San Lun Che

Taken on a side-street of the Fourth Ring Road (the main part is elevated). My apartment complex is nearby.

Another illustration of sizing the vehicle to the job. The driver of the san lun che is wearing a motorcycle helmet, which is still pretty rare in Beijing.

The woman driving the elect bicycle to the right of the frame is wearing a shirt backward so as to keep sun off of her arms.

And, don’t you just love that beautiful sky?




  1. when phillip looked at this, he said, “a very heavy load.” and, he should know, since a couple of days ago, he hooked the big trailer to his pick-up and headed 70 miles south to pick up a load of the same thing the driver of the san lun che is carrying (plus a few more). i am always struck by the way these san lun che are loaded and used. when i blew up the photo, i saw the shirt on the woman’s arms. looks like sun tan weather. also, wonderful perspective.

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