When young Dawn with her rose-red fingers shone once more

This particular one, shot out of my ninth-floor kitchen window, is courtesy of my (very) young Chong Chong, who decided that a bit after 4 am was a good time to rise.

The quote is from the Fagles translation of Homer’s The Odyssey.


  1. great color. i looked in wiki at notable translations of the odyssey since i couldn’t remember which translation i read so many years ago…it was richmond lattimore’s. in it he refers to “rosy fingered dawn.” that is what had always stuck with me. fagles give a different sense. of course, his translation wasn’t made when i read the odyssey. wonderful quote to use with your photo.

    1. You should listen to Sir Ian McKellan reading the Fagel’s translation. Absolutely beautiful.

      Actually, here’s a link to it:

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