Beijing Blue

Ah, yes, Beijing’s Blue Skies are back. Of course, if you’re not actually living in China, you probably think that we’re perpetually smog bound. So it goes.

I took these three pictures from the roof of Tower E in the apartment complex. They were done using the Panorama mode on my Lumix DMC-GX7, with the camera mounted on an Oben CT-3510 tripod. Limited development was done using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

The first panorama is the smallest of the three, but looks best in the reduced format, so I started this blog post with it.

I strongly recommend that you click-on the bottom two shots, and look around the larger versions on flickr… click on the image once to goto flickr, then click on it again to enlarge the size.  (Yeah, the bottom one contains a bit of a “selfie”… about as clear of one you’ll ever get of me.)



    1. No, not so rare. If you look at my blog and photographs, you’ll see plenty of photos of them.

      Air quality isn’t the best, but it certainly isn’t as bad as folks say.

  1. For anyone who knows Beijing is a big city but has never really seen it up close, your photos are a great way for them to realize the scale and magnitude of the metropolis. Nice self portrait too!

  2. great photos. and such blue skies. also, the reflections, including the selfie, add to shot one and three. the diagonal too.

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