There was road construction once again in our neighborhood. I think this time it was laying conduit for fiber optic cable.

I’m not sure how long he’d been waiting. Maybe he had just shown-up a bit early or maybe he was an overnight guard.

In any event, soon after I took this photograph, other works came, and he joined them.


  1. again, it makes such a difference to go to the large flickr format…so many details. i love the quiet with which the man is waiting…and the ease of sitting on the street corner (on a piece of cardboard). just not something one would see on a busy street in the u.s.a. unless it was a homeless person huddled against a building. and, thanks for letting us know the “rest of the story” with him joining his fellow workers.

    1. thanks. yeah, I spend a lot of time on the main photographs tuning them. Long gone are the days where I’d just click and post.

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