Because Love

Lao Zu (Chong Chong’s maternal great-grandmother) moved into a retirement home over the May holiday. The home is located outside the Fifth Ring Road, but not yet to the Sixth.

We bundled into the car and went to visit her today. We took a break to take Chong Chong (in a stroller) up into the hills above the community, and into the cherry orchards and forest located there.

On the way up, outside a retaining wall for an apartment complex, was this sign.

Yet another surreal experience in the city that I, well, love.


  1. Really lovely. It took me a long minute to actually see the sign “Because Love”

  2. i went to the big photo to see the sign. it is wonderful. good shot too of the area leading to it…the naturalness of the trees and the concrete buttresses.

    sounds like a lovely visit, too…because of love.

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